Friday, June 29, 2007

Hogmouse Hall

Hogmouse Hall is buried deep within the English country side. If you can find your way through the brambles and thicket, you will find a tumbledown ironstone manor house, cloaked in ivy and wysteria.
Take a peek through the leaded windows and you may catch a glimpse of a mousy tale, swishing through the shadows.
Press your ear to the glass and you may hear the patter of tiny mousy feet, as the mice of Hogmouse Hall go about their mousy chores.
There is wood to be gathered for winter fires, crab apples to be stored or made into fine jam.
The book shelves in the library will not dust themselves...

Let me introduce you to two very special members of staff...

Agithe Hawberry, originally from the Black Woods, has been head housekeeper at Hogmouse for near twenty years.
She oversees the entire running of the hall. Everyone from the scullery mouse to the head gardener mouse, must answer the Agithe.

Esme Toadadder

Agithe's right hand woman (mouse).
In charge of cleaning the west wing.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well, this is my first post on my new blog!
HI! to anyone who has been re-directed from the Pumpkin Press, and HI! again, to anyone new! I hope you enjoy visiting my blog as much as I will enjoy....well, blogging on it!
I've just got back from a fabulous and memorable, memorable holiday in Perigord.
In a little medieval market town on the river Dronne, there is THE MOST AMAZING brocante. It's housed in a cave, yes, you read that right, a cave. When you walk in it takes a little while for your eyes to adjust to the dim light, and the smell of a million fusty books, vintage hankerchieves, reams of antique ribbon and lace and general curiousness, fills your nose.
I went in nearly everyday of my stay, and became rather fond of the proprietress, 'Madame Grotte", as I nick named her. I have a very strong affection for eccentric old ladies, and Madame Grotte is currently top of my list.
Each evening, in the peace of our gite's garden, I would unload that particular day's is some of my hoard...

So, it's a little dark for taking any photos this evening, but watch this space for what I have created with all my goodies I brought back.

Night night!
See you in the morning!