Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

A New Beginning

Well, apologies for being away for so long! So much has happened! For the lovely, lovely girls who posted on my silly story, I must just say that it was just that...a silly story. Nick and I were sat infront of the fire, and I said - "give me a thread for a story". And he said, - "imagine if you had a duff filter for your roll up, imagine what would happen in the factory...". I must just point out that I don't smoke, but I used to, when I was younger....
So, I made up a silly start to a story....I may finish it...or at least continue it....

Anyway, below is my new view. I've moved into an office space. I've, very reluctantly moved OUT of my pink shed. There was no room for me to work in the house anymore...any way, it's late, so I must retire....much to tell xxxx

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello again...

I've been a little distracted of late, and not been blogging...obvs.
Hoping to get back into it soon :0)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring fresh

From this...

to this...

Now the long hard winter is eventually over, I decided to move back down the shed. The kitchen table was becoming a little impractical, and I missed having all my little inspirational images and photos pinned up around me. I'm a very 'nesty' sort of girl, and like my creative space to be 'just so', or I'm not 100% happy. Sienna loves to play in the garden while I'm working, and when it's time for her naps, I just come up to the house and do some hoovering or ironing. It's all working out rather well! Sienna doesn't seem to care about the weather, so long as she's well wrapped up and waterproofed, I don't think the outdoor life will do her any harm!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Turning many corners

What do you you do when faced with not just a cross roads, but a multi level spagetti junction? Whilst lighting the fire tonight with some wood and twigs kindly donated by my lovely neighbour, I felt happy, really happy. The smell of the wood, and the sound of the fire catching and cracking sent me into a complete daze.

Living ones life is probably something that's on all of our minds. Life is so short, we all know that. So, whilst listening to the fire and my music, (quietly so as not to disturb 'the other neighbours while their dogs bark'), I wonder what to do. Neither Nick nor I want to be poor again, we've done that. It was awful, and to think it's romantic and love will conquer all is just a pile of rubbish. Only an idiot would believe that. I think you have to go through the threat of losing your house, your belongings, everything just because you can't pay your bills to realise that life chained to a mortgage and relying on loved ones to help out is just the lowest point ever.

So, what to do? What I'm basically yacking on about is the move to France. We wouldn't have a mortgage, but we would be significantly worse off money wise. Sienna is a concern. Actually, I don't even know why I'm saying that! Here, where she can't play in the back yard, or a huge expanse of land for her to build a tree house, a swing, see lizards, buzzards, deer...outstanding schooling.

So, going back to the spagetti junction analogy. I've got alot to give, creatively. I have many ideas about earning money to support my children's book illustration. That will always be my number one, number one, number one passion. It's just in me...but a few more strings to my bow wouldn't go amiss.

So, I'm back down the shed tomorrow. A repaint, a space just for me...again :0)

Lotsa of love,


Thursday, April 15, 2010

These oxfords were built for walking....or not.

I must just share my funny day. On the way back from dropping Munch off at Grandma's , my car exploded. Luckily, Dave the farmer was passing along the same country road. As his landrover was full of other farmers, he couldn't offer me a lift. I gave him my shopping, (I'd popped to the shops), and he kindly dropped it back to my house later on. I had decided, today, to channel the 1940's fashion wise. Ditsy print blouse, puffy sleeved green cardy, A-line skirt and oxford shoes laced up with ribbon, black wooly tights. I walked the half mile back to the village, sending passing drivers into a confused state. Why is there a woman from the 40's walking along this I in a time warp? Am I seeing a ghost? I like being the 'arty' one from the village. I get to wear what I like! Ha! xxx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New things and old things

I'm busying away, as usual...sewing and drawing and painting. There will be some new things to see soon in the shop, but in the mean time, there are some old things :)
I've just got the one project on the go at the moment, which is making me v-e-r-y happy. Lots of fairy outfits etc! There's still no news on my book and whether it's found a publisher. It's been turned down by one, but there's still a few more that were interested, so fingers crossed. I've got a lot of time on my hands which is quite unusual, so I'm keeping myself busy with all the things I love. Sienna is two going on thirty, and becoming very naughty! We're all off to France next month, so there may be some very exciting news to come after that!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome along, Spring!

I've never been a massive fan of Spring, I'm more of an Autumn girl, but this year has been different. After the longest, coldest Winter I can remember, the chance to pop out without a coat is SUCH a novelty! The sun is out this morning, and Sienna and I are driving into Kettering to run some errands. We're choosing a birthday present for Sienna's cousin, we're popping into the art shop to pick up some purply pretty paper to make my neighbour's wedding invitations and I might even treat myself to some St Tropez now that I'm baring more flesh. My skin is so pale it's not even white, it's sort of a bluish!
In other news, today is the final day of Bologna Book Fair, and I'm nervously waiting for my agent to return with any news! I've written a new picture book, so am hoping to find a publisher for it.
So, I think it will be a pretty chilled out weekend, (I hope!), they're never long enough!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hunting Woolens Ottoline

In the shop now ---------------------------------->

I've been spending this rainy saturday finishing off the dinky little hat for this Ottoline doll, it just makes me so happy! It's pointyness, it's greeny, wooly lovelyness, the button, the trim!
I'm just trying to think of somewhere to go now, as the noise from outside it ridiculous! Bring on house in France with no neighbours!

Lots of love,


Monday, March 15, 2010

Hunting Tweeds

The weather in Perigord has not warmed up this spring, and the trees are still slimy black and bare of leaves. Ottoline makes her way through the forest, searching for more animals on which to work her needle and thread magic. I wonder what she will find in the undergrowth?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The bunnies cometh

Every year, around this time...something strange happens. It happens overnight. We all go to bed, then next morning...bunnies. Everywhere.

In other news, Sienna has discovered the joy of heels. She spent most of yesterday afternoon clip clopping about the house. She prefers a lower heel to a three incher, but then so do I :0)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perigord Noir

...again, the black trees are calling me.
A harvest of black crows, in the shop soon.
I need to organise my blog/shop...not easy at the moment...
I'm waiting for a package to drop on the door step, a bundle of woven labels.
Black coffee and late nights are what I need.



Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi there,

I'm creating a site dedicated to Ottoline, it may even take over this blog. So have a peek...

If you can't see a link, ( I can't!) then type into your URL adress bar :0)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting back on the track....

...that leads through the woods to Manoir de Triste. Set deep, deep in the woods of Perigord Noir, named so because of the colour of the wooded hills in winter. The trees turn a deep, dark black when their leaves are shed. Only then, when the leaves have dropped, can one spy the honey coloured turrets of Manoir de Triste. Up in the attic, by light of her candelabra, Ottaline stitches and scribbles...slurpping the finest black coffee from her vintage tea cup. A successful day of hunting for passed on creatures has been had. A basket full of beautiful, black crows were gathered, ready for dressing in the finest collars, buttons and frocks. It won't be long, my lovlies, before a host of curiosities and beautiful beholdments will be ready for your tittlemnet...

My most deepest and black heart felt wishes,

Ottaline de Triste

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love my job!

I've just finished painting the last cover for the Candy Fairies series by american author Helen Perelman. I feel a little sad that it was the last one as I've grown so fond of my new fairy friends over the last few months. I can't show you the artwork yet, as it's not up on the publishers website, but I'll pop it up as soon as I can!

I've just been commissioned to illustrate another two Minivers titles, which is going to be great fun.

And my BIG news this that John Lewis are promoting Muddle Fairyland as their book of the month for February!

I've lost the lead that I need to upload photos from my camers, tsk! I can't seem to find anything at the moment!! I've finished sewing and have some new stuff to put on Etsy soon, I also have to pick up where I left off with the dolly giveaway! I haven't forgotten :0)
So, I'll be back soon with "All things Ottaline".
I love that I can spend my days painting bright, colourful fairies and mini princesses, then spend my spare time creating the complete opposite! I don't think there has ever been a darker, more strange little girl than Ottaline. Who knows, she may even turn into a children's book one day!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Candy Fairies published!

These lovely books written by the equally lovely Helen Perelman were published yesterday by Simon & Schuster New York! (illustrated by moi, by the way!)
Get yours now! And don't worry, there are two more on the way!
I'm still a busy be with some scrumptious projects landing in my inbox recentley.
I've also just finished writing a new picture book and am just getting it all ready for submission, wish me luck!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


September was my last post???

I haven't visited any of my favorite blogs lately, pfffff, I wish I had. Time goes by too quickly...
I've been busy though, working, being a mummy, keeping house...

New year, new regime...I want to create.....