Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love my job!

I've just finished painting the last cover for the Candy Fairies series by american author Helen Perelman. I feel a little sad that it was the last one as I've grown so fond of my new fairy friends over the last few months. I can't show you the artwork yet, as it's not up on the publishers website, but I'll pop it up as soon as I can!

I've just been commissioned to illustrate another two Minivers titles, which is going to be great fun.

And my BIG news this that John Lewis are promoting Muddle Fairyland as their book of the month for February!

I've lost the lead that I need to upload photos from my camers, tsk! I can't seem to find anything at the moment!! I've finished sewing and have some new stuff to put on Etsy soon, I also have to pick up where I left off with the dolly giveaway! I haven't forgotten :0)
So, I'll be back soon with "All things Ottaline".
I love that I can spend my days painting bright, colourful fairies and mini princesses, then spend my spare time creating the complete opposite! I don't think there has ever been a darker, more strange little girl than Ottaline. Who knows, she may even turn into a children's book one day!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Candy Fairies published!

These lovely books written by the equally lovely Helen Perelman were published yesterday by Simon & Schuster New York! (illustrated by moi, by the way!)
Get yours now! And don't worry, there are two more on the way!
I'm still a busy be with some scrumptious projects landing in my inbox recentley.
I've also just finished writing a new picture book and am just getting it all ready for submission, wish me luck!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


September was my last post???

I haven't visited any of my favorite blogs lately, pfffff, I wish I had. Time goes by too quickly...
I've been busy though, working, being a mummy, keeping house...

New year, new regime...I want to create.....