Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An afternoon out!

After a poo-pants day yesterday and this morning, I took myself off to Market Harborough for some coffee, cake and much needed bustle.
I wont rant on about Kettering, but it is quite possibly the pit of the earth. I don't think I'm ever going to go there again. (I don't mean to offend anyone who happens to love Kettering, but you gotta admit, it's gone downhill!) Harboro's only an extra 10 minutes drive and is lovely!
The slice of heaven that you can see below you is, wait for it, Toffee crunch cheesecake.
I treated myself, (and of course I have the excuse of nursury bookshelves to stock!), to a few picture books from Waterstones. I also bought two lovely roomy, bump accomadating jumpers for £20 the pair. One in raspberry, the other in plum, (as modelled in photo below).
I just love Harboro. It just feels more academic/coffee shoppy/boutiquey, as apose to Kettering's chavvy/sports shop/supersaver pound shop/scuz-bucket atmosphere. (oops, I wasn't going to rant).
I also bought the Autumny issue of "Country Living" magazine, and will spend the rest of the evening plonked firmly on the sofa, fire roaring, reading and dreaming of moving to my Perigordine farmhouse.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Slow and messy worker, but end result is always good.

That was what Mrs Morgan wrote for my third year Home Economics report when I was about fourteen years old.
It's scary how that comment sits so well with every element of my life, not just cooking!
Everything from growing up, finding love, my career (still messy work in progress)...everything.
I remembered this comment this afternoon whilst making JAM!

hmmm, now where did I put that packet of jam making sugar?

It's been a dull old afternoon, and not alot has been accomplished. I reeeeeeally must do my tax return. I WILL do it on Saturday, you heard it here, now I have to do it.

The last layer of hay has been stripped off the field and the farmer is muck spreading today. I can't wait until it's ploughed, I love ploughed fields. Anyway, I leave you with yesterday's hazy Autumn sunshine and haystacks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Button Boutique

The BEST shop in Kettering is closing down.
It's been selling buttons, ric-rac and fabric for nearly 50 years and hasn't changed a dot in all that time.
Button Boutique, what am I to do without you??
I'll have to remember my camera next time I go...

I popped in today just to top up on a few bits

Then, popped around the corner to Burton's, another really old fashioned shop, and found these little pretties!

I don't think the shop lady quite "got" my excitment. There was a whole box of them on sale, left over from last Christmas. Apparently they didn't sell very well due to the rather peachy tone of their breasts, not red enough for the festive cakes of Christmas 2006. I kept telling the shop lady that they were charming in their own little, special way. But she just looked at me, like I was mad, and then continued to criticise them. I only rescued three, I may go back and collect the rest. The self esteem issues with the three little ones above are heart breaking. Horrid lady. Just look at their gorgeous little faces, how could anyone say anything derogatory?

So, inbetween painting 'Flutterbugs' and spells of incredible fatigue, look who came a visitin'!

Please allow me to introduce you to Balancing Beatrice of Bordeaux.
She is staying with me here in Northamptonshire for a few days as, being famous for it's cobblers, she could think of no place better to come for some new satin slippers.
I shall put her on the bus into town tomorrow.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the butterfly tree in my garden....