Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have pulled a muscle, somewhere inside my chest area.
I can't all...well, a little, but it hurts soooo much.
It hurts when I breath....cry :0(

Anyways, here's a little cutie-pie to cheer things up!
She's called Myrtle, and is from Donegal.
Her Aunty Minnie brought her a beautiful vintage hankerchief back from France (from Madam Grotte's), and she has made herself this cute little outfit, complete with vintage button.
Ever since, she had been calling herself 'Marie', and speaking in a French sweet!

She'll be in the shop at some point.

Bye for now! Ouuuuch!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Autumnal girls

I've opened my ETSY shop!
I still need to figure out all the details and design a banner, but these three pretties are up for sale!

Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Blossom)
Clementine and Arianne De Abricot

If you want to have a peek, my shop address is

I must dash, as I have a very, very important parcel to pack up for posting tomorrow morning...

I hope today is as lovely and sunny and autumnal for you, as it is here.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, I've been tagged twice over the last two posts, I will get around to the desk top one, (or rather my PA Thomas will), as soon as I can!
Speaking of my PA Thomas, he really does seem to be confused as to who's working for who.
I am a busy illustrator/mouse maker/baby maker, so the simple request to help me find some amusing collective nouns would, you would think, be no problem....
Instead, he retreated to his private study, muttering something about brandy and "feeling put upon".
Still, he did hand me this scrap of paper this afternoon.
Apparently he had 'his' PA draw it up for him.


So, as requested by, are my eight collective nouns -

(click to enlarge)

And in other news.....

I've got a few more lovely meeces to show you very soon.
I am going to try and get time to open my ETSY store this weekend...wish me luck!


***Oh, and many apologies for my PA's frightful thought bubble spelling.
And to think he once studied at Cambridge!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's lovely expecting a baby, but good grief, it tires you out.
I'm good for nothing.
I have sat, on my bum, all day today, and don't even have the energy to make any meeces.
Mr Nick is running me a bubbly bath and cooking me my tea.
Then jim-jams.
Then I might make a start on a mouse.
Or set up with etsy.


later gaters


Monday, October 8, 2007


I'm back!
Sorry for the terrible, in-excusable gap between posts.
I've been locked away in my little shed, and my make-believe attic...

Eventually, I am very proud to announce, that some of my little mice are looking for new homes.

First, allow me to introduce -

Rosa, the bird keeper.

She is made from creamy felt, and is just over 4 inches tall, head to toes.
Her beautiful skirt is made from a vintage, French silk hankerchief, and is the most subtle shade of blush.
Her skirt is fastened with a very, very old French button. Both hankerchief and button are from madame Grotte's brocante in deepest Perigord Vert, France.
Her bodice/petticoat is deep cream, gathered elegantly, recycled from an old blouse that once belonged to the seamstress.
She wears a polka-dot sash and her slippers are made from salmon coloured vintage ric-rac.
She sits on a gold satin cushion, embellished with polka dot ribbon and vintage French button.

Rosa, although you would never guess from her confident and sparkling peformances, is terribly, terribly shy.
She is convinced she has a 'tete grande', and is very self conscious of her left leg, which bares the scar of a terrible bare-back riding accident many years ago.

She likes 'Cabecou', and will not touch any other cheese.

She is priced at £55 plus postage, and comes gift wrapped in a stiff box with her bird.

Next we have - Mimi, Rosa's younger sister.

She too is a bird keeper and made from felt, 4 inches head to toes.
She wears the same underdress/petticoat as Rosa but her skirt is made from dusky pink French lace, picked up from Madame Grotte's cave in the Perigord region of France. It is fastened with a vintage button from the same brocante.
Her slippers are dark wine coloured ric-rac and her sash is polka-dot ribbon.
She sits on a claret coloured cushion, embellished with rust coloured twine.
Both Rosa and Mimi's noses and whiskers are made from vintage French woolen thread, in dusky pink.

Mimi loves all cheese, except anything "northern", so best steer clear of Camembert or any thing similar.

Mimi is also £55 plus posting, and comes gift wrapped in a stiff box, with her bird of course.

This is Etoile, from Montremartre, Paris.
Bare-back rider, dancer and chanteuse.

Etoile is made from felt and is just over 4 inches from head to toes.
She wears a beautiful cream slip, embellished with aqua beads, with an net petticoat in aqua also.
Her slippers are vintage turqouise ric-rac.
Her slip is set off beautifully with an eau de nil coloured chiffon ribbon.
Her pretty lace head dress is from Madame Grotte's cave.
She sits on a matching mat.

Etoile will only eat cheese shipped in from a special fromagerie in Montremartre. Luckily she orders it in herself.

Etoile is £45 plus posting and comes gift wrapped in a stiff box.

If you would like to give any of the above mice a home, or have any questions, please email me.

***Please note - these mice are designed as objects of desire and are not toys. They are unfortunately not suitable for little children to play with.
The mice are designed to sit on their cushions, not stand. They can stand with a bit of fiddling and the aid of some pins.
Pins are of course included :0) ***