Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bit brighter :0)

This evening I went down and tidied my shed.
I moved some of the lamps about, to make it a bit brighter in there.
Before long, the old gang had come for a visit...Tommy sat in his favourite spot, and Mr ArtyPants did some spinning on my spinney chair.

I've got some cool jobs to do in my shed tomorrow, a rough for Mother & Baby magazine, some little witchy style characters for a front cover of a young fiction series, and I'm designing some furniture to go inside the dolls house I'm illustrating.
I'm also going into town to buy my friend Dennie a birthday pressie, and buy some dinners. Today was a total washout, I spent most of the day nursing a migraine, no doubt brought on by my sad mood yesterday! (note to self, stop being sad!!)
Thank-you for your words, they helped me alot!! I'm alot brighter :0)

Monday, May 26, 2008

May's musings...


I've got so many things I'm doing at the mo, so much positive stuff. I'm finding it hard at the moment though. I'm feeling all kinds of sad things :0(
It will pass, I hope, but right now I just don't feel like blogging.
Here's some photos I copied at mum and dad's at the weekend...is that really me!!?? My goodness, is that really my mum and dad!!??
I'm looking forward to putting up a happy, creative post soon :0) and I always, always look forward to reading comments from folks from all over!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Hoo hoo!

Jeeeez, I thought it would be easier to blog from the laptop, infront of the fire. So, I went upstairs and emailed (to my hotmail account) some images....
Oh the palavar!
But here we are...
I can't believe how things change from one post to the next. Last post I was flailing about (spelling??), and now I have the most amazing project to get my teeth into. I shalln't divulge too much yet.
And also, I have reason to remember my beloved allotment. I'm working on a special 'secret' project, involving all the things I hold dear....

Here's me and some meeces....

Here's my 'substitute allotment'...from rubbish dump...

to lovely veggie patch...

and here is munchkin, the very knowing Sienna-Rose...

Thanks folks, for keeping looking, even though I've not been posting that much lately!!
We've been having so much fun, ( munchkin and me), she's even started giggling.

Night night all,