Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Salutations!

Well, it's been a bit busy here of late! Busy in a really good way, but naturally I'm feeling it.
Sienna, (I'm not sure if I've already mentioned?), has two teeth! She's also moved onto solid foods and quite literally weighs a tonne!!
I'm typing this on the laptop so don't have any recent photos on file, but will post some up soon :0)
We're off on our jollies, (holidays), in just under two weeks, and I have a lot of work to do before I go. The projects I'm working on at the moment are just gorgeous. I sometimes just cannot believe how lucky I am to be earning a living doing what I do. I'm not saying it's easy, it's alot of hard work and it took me a long time to be in the position I am now. I just hope it continues! And obviously looking after a small baby and keeping a house straight is a job in itself. Above is a very proud me, having found a book I illustrated in Waterstones!
So, I'm putting Erica's Attic on the back burner until after our holiday. This is incredibly frustrating, but I need to give myself a little bit of a breather. I'm going to spend my evenings sewing and scribbling, and when I have a good body of work I will re-stock the shop. If I were to try and do it now, I would be rushing it and I simply don't have the time to put my all into it at this time. I'm finally coming to realise that I just can't 'do it all'. Something people have been telling me for aaaaages, but being the stubborn Madame that I am, I only wanted to prove them wrong! So, I'm going to store all my stitching ideas into little jars, next to all my buttons. I will archive all my sketches and patterns in the manner of a bonkers old librarian. And there they will stay. Not for long...they'll find a way of being made...into something!
The Ottaline dolly givaway is still on, so leave a comment to be in with the chance of re-homing one of these strange little girls. I picked up a piece of winter tweed in the habedashery (spelling?!?) at John Lewis today, and am already planning some 'English Country' Ottalines.
So, I'll leave you for a little while...

a bientot!