Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello summer?

Well, it seems as though summer may have decided to touch down.
It might be just for today, who knows!
I decided to stretch my legs and go for a walk in the field behind our house...well, I say a "walk"...I walked to the bottom of the field, then back again. The farmer has just strimmed another layer off, I presume for hay...I'm looking forward to the bales!
I've been extraordinarily tired lately, hence the lack of blogging, mice, pictures for you to look at, but I thought a little wander might perk me up a bit.
I actually managed to get nearly a full days work in today. I worked nine 'til four! Woo-hoo!

I'm ready for a very deep, very bubbly bath now.
Then sofa, tea and tea cake with strawberry jam. I might light the fire, as it's still a little chilly and has clouded over.
I may spend the evening writing, or I may create some new mice...

Take it easy all!




natural attrill said...

Good to see a break in the rain!

Catherine said...

Hello Erica's new blog :)
I like the new mice - how did you do their little hands?!