Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleeping Suzette and me

I designed a little pattern a while back for a bigger mousey, but as my sewing machine has been buried in my 'attic', under so much stuff, it's been on hold.
But, today, after a veeeery nice afternoon out with mama and papa in law, I got it fished out for me. I'm too much of a weaking to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea!
So, here is Sleeping Suzette, along with a very cosy scarf to finish her off.
I've made another pattern for another critter, but need some more felt. I think I'm a bit too pregnant to drive all the way into Northampton to buy some...maybe I could find some in Kettering??
Speaking of pregnant, check out the tummy below!

Anyway, I'm totally zonked. I'm off to run a bath.
I hope everyone is having a splendiforous week so far.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello, my name is Eustasia

Will he meet her?
Will her heart be broken again?
Oh me, oh my!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Mousesses

I've been wanting to do a bit of painting for a loooong while, but only got around to it today.
This is a dinky little acrylic on canvas, 5" x 7", still waiting for a lick of varnish...
She'a a 'mousess', Antoinette, part of a series I'm planning. I don't want to give to much away, but those of you who have heard me mention Hogmouse Hall might be able to guess what else I'm going to paint.

Do you remember that scene in the film 'Amelie', where her pictures talk to each other at night while she's sleeping? Well, that's the kind of thing I can imagine this little mousess doing...she just needs me to paint her someone to talk to now.

I'm planning on sorting out my attic tomorrow, the door to which is fianlly unblocked from kitchen cabinet doors and tools.
I'm enjoying being off 'work', I never thought I'd say that, it never seems like work because it's such a passion of mine! But it's given me the chance to escape into my own little world for a while. I can paint what I like, what colour I like etc!

I'm going to turn in early tonight, I'm hoping I to actually get some sleep, (bump and labour anxiety keeping me awake!).

So night night all,

don't let your paintings keep you up all night chattering!


Friday, January 25, 2008

The Fairy Nightie

Well, I dragged (literally) myself into Kettering yesterday, as I wanted to find a nightie to wear in hospital.
I'm sure there may well be some people reading this thinking..."The LAST thing you'll be worrying about is what you're wearing!!", but there is some method behind it.
I wanted to have something that buttoned all the way down the front, so when baby is born, I can place her directly on my bare chest, without having to hoist up my whole nightie, or take it off all together. Then I can just wrap it back around us.
I couldn't believe my luck, when the first shop I went in I found this one! It's so pretty, as you can see, with beautiful ribbon and lace trim.
And look at the label! Perfect for giving birth to my very own baby faery.
Only 13 days to go until due day.....
I'm absolutely terrified, but desperate to meet her...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooray for sunshine! Boo for migraines...

Just a quickie to show you Eustasia and Juliet, the Valentine girls.
They're up in the shop, a link to which you will see on your right.
The 'Kittens in Love', are up there too.

It's been a beautiful day here, but I've had a meany of a migraine :0(
It's better now though.
I've also had two visitors to my little cottage, bearing baby gifts!

Right, I've got soooooooo much to do!

Have a wonderful Tuesday all!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Let's Spring forward!
I'm currently stitching some cute Spring bunnies and other critters/curiosities for the shop, (a link to which I must get on here).
Here's a sneaky preview....

Her name is Hyacinth, and in her paws she clutches the key to Spring, scented flowers, new growth and sunshine :0)

Happy Tuesday folks!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The last cabbage

Good grief!
It's January...Happy New Year!
Thank-you for all those lovely comments you folks left, I just love reading them.
I must apologise for the lack of visits and comments to all your wonderful blogs, and the lack of response to emails. I'm afraid these last few weeks before baby comes have been very, very draining. I had it confirmed that I'm very anaemic, (I knew knew it!), very common for pregnant ladies, but my goodness it can knock you for six!
We are still in the throws of building the kitchen, re-arranging and decorating upstairs, having carpet fitted...I still have no washing machine...ugh.
BUT! The end is in sight, thanks to the sterling efforts of Mr Nick and his dad!
You know when you just want everything sorted though? And you have to sort out a million things frst before you can sort just one thing out?
I'll stop moaning now, hee hee!

In other news!!!
I finished "Coconut Jack", the book I was working on up until last week! I had a job to do for "Mother & Baby" magazine, a few loose ends to tie up, but I can proudly say...It's all finished! Yipeeee!
I also (sadly), wrote to the surveyors who deal with the Thorpe allotments and officially ended my tenancy :0(
Above is my last ever crop...I'm afaid I was too tired to do anything with it, so it ended up in the compost. Still, at least we got a photo, and what a whopper!

I managed to do a little stitching the other day, and as soon as I can find the camera, I'll post a piccy.

AND!!!! Guess what! Myrtle has moved to Georgia, in America! Isn't that just soooo exciting!

Well, I've got to go and empty some more boxes now, so will type again soon.

Take care all,