Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleeping Suzette and me

I designed a little pattern a while back for a bigger mousey, but as my sewing machine has been buried in my 'attic', under so much stuff, it's been on hold.
But, today, after a veeeery nice afternoon out with mama and papa in law, I got it fished out for me. I'm too much of a weaking to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea!
So, here is Sleeping Suzette, along with a very cosy scarf to finish her off.
I've made another pattern for another critter, but need some more felt. I think I'm a bit too pregnant to drive all the way into Northampton to buy some...maybe I could find some in Kettering??
Speaking of pregnant, check out the tummy below!

Anyway, I'm totally zonked. I'm off to run a bath.
I hope everyone is having a splendiforous week so far.



Christiane said...

Hey Erica,
Suzette is very cute!
Isn't time now for baby to arrive?

mermaid_misk said...

Ooh Erica you look bloomingly beautiful! I bet you're so excited, i cant wait to see Erica Junior.
Loving all your mice, you have been busy! Are they selling well? xx

melissa said...

Erica, you are such a skinny pregnant lady; you look fantastic! And I love the little mice. They must take a lot of time to make. I love all the little details, including the sweet scarf.

Jess said...

That's a very neat little bump! Suzette is charm itself, you're so clever. Enjoy these last slow days because soon you won't know what day it is! Best Wishes,Jess x

Catherine said...

Suzette is lovely :) How big is she?

You're looking very bloom-y :)

Joanna said...

Love the bigger Suzette, I'm planning some captain rupert rabbit dolls, I have the felt just need to plan. You look great with your bump. said...

OH!! Looook at your cute baby bellllly!! I love this little critttttter!!!! I think mouseboy is going to have many ladies to chooose from!!! ;)

tlc illustration said...

Darling mousey - and darling mommy-to-be! You wear it very well!! Not much longer now, eh? Good luck with the last little bit.

paula said...

Hello! I just tagged you as you 'make my day'! (see my blog!)Hope all is going well, have you popped yet!? x