Monday, March 9, 2009

New work published and a city wedding


At long last, the Flutter Bugs have all been published, (as you can see, in more than one language). Also new out this month are two of four young fiction novels about a little girl who can talk to animals. They are called 'Molly's Magic', and are written by the lovely Holly Webb and illustrated by moi. I did the Molly character in the top left corner, (not the animals, they are photos), and all of the black and white illustration inside. I'm so lucky to be so busy, I'm really getting some really, really cool jobs in at the moment, mostly about fairies, so I'm happy!

Some really cool news...

I'm illustrating the New Adventures of the Wishing Chair, by Enid Blyton!!! I can't show any piccies of the work yet, as it won't be published for a while, but there are six in the series which is keeping me out of mischief! Lovely colourful covers and lots of black and white illustrations inside.

The Magical Dolls' House is to be published in September. It's basically a 'build it yourself' dolls' house, complete with furniture, doll family and pets, a mat to set it on which is the garden and veg patch. It was THE most fun job in the world to do, I had my very own 'Grand Designs' moment, (I'm not sure what Kevin McCloud would make of my flowery wall paper and chintzy decor though!) And it comes with a picture book!

As you can see from the photos, Erica-Jane Waters Illustration has decamped from the shed into the corner of the nursery. I found it impossible to work down in the shed, what with nappies to change, milk, juice, playtime etc etc. The shed is actually a long way from the house, behind our garage at the bottom of the garden, facing out onto open fields. You can't see it from the house so there was no way I could leave Sienna in there while I popped up to the house to use the loo or check emails. So, my new office in an alcove, and my new drawing space is next to the cot!

In other news! My cousin Hayley got married back in January. The wedding was in Middle Temple Hall, opposite the courts of Justice in central London. The place was amazing! Unfortuately I was having a fat day, bad hair day, can't find my favourite bra day, spotty blemish day all rolled into one. Thankfully no one was looking at me, and Hayley was the centre of attention!

And finally....

We went to North Wales over Christmas time to visit my mum and dad. I caught up with my old school friend, Sarah while I was there, who spookily became pregnant at the same time as me! And a picture of the gorgeous girl herself, taken today after her lunch :0)

Bye for now!


Flávia Leitão said...

Great news! And great work!
I love the books!
Your litlle girl is so lovelly!
I can see that you been busy!!!

Jessie Lilac said...

LOvely photos! Many congratulations on your books, they look gorgeous. I'll have to show my daughter when we're next out buying books. As for illustrating for Enid Blyton, does it get any better?!! :Dx

Rosie said...

ohhhh I loved the wishing chair when I was little! Congratulations duck, thats fantastic.
Rosie x

Christiane said...

Those books are lovely, love the camping scene! So cute.
Is that the Ikea fox in your hand at the wedding? I've seen it somewhere like that I think...

Joanna said...

Glad you are back, and sooo busy. What very wonderful projects you are doing. I love the new studio. Might do the same. I need to move out to the shed to make more room but I think with a baby inside its not the time for a move. Our bump is due on Friday and I just hope I can have as productive year as you with a baby.

paula said...

Heeey, nice to see you back and blogging, hehe!

I can't wait to see the Magical Dolls House. That sort of thing would be riiiight up my street too!

Like your new studio space :)

paula x

hedda said...

Good Evening Erica,
I especially love the notion of the paper dolls. Seems like so much of what is available today is all computer related and or plastic.... and does not require a child to use his/her imagination. And the wedding looks like it was lots of fun. Have you been by to see Rosa and Mimi? two posts. Lovely weather here.

natural attrill said...

Nice to catch up with all your news and see the photo's.

Carolee said...

Love your work! :)

~ Carolee

Misk said...

Eek! The Flutterbugs look great! You have been a busy bunny, miss you on the forum!!! *hugs* x

disa said...

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