Monday, June 15, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, we all piled in the car and drove to Wales to visit Granny and Grandpa seaside. It was a welcome break. I did much lounging about and had many sandwiches and cups of coffee made for me.
I've started sewing again and am currently spending my evenings stiching away...
I'll show all when I have anything decent made!!

and finally! The Enid Blyton books that I illustrated are published! There are three more to come, I'm just working on the balck and white ink drawings for the interiors now :0)


chris prout said...

The books look terrific...and the seaside really suits Sienna too!

Great stuff, well done.

Christiane said...

Welcome back to blogging, can't believe how fast Sienna's grown! Looks like you're both doing v.well, and lovely new work!

Jessie said...

Hi Erica, lovely to see you here with sweet Sienna and your latest news! Enid Blyton no less! Wow - that's the ultimate achievement to me, I loved her books when I was little and used to (naughtily!) colour the black and white illustrations in with felt tip pens. That's as close as I'm going to get! Are you allowed to show your workings here? I'd lOve to see them! Jess x

this is my patch said...

How Sienna has grown since I last visited your blog. She must have really enjoyed her break with grandparents in Wales, and you too. Oh my goodness, what an accolade! I am going to look out for these Enid Blytons in my local bookshop. Your illustrations and name will now for sure go down in history. Many congratulations Erica. x