Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Slow and messy worker, but end result is always good.

That was what Mrs Morgan wrote for my third year Home Economics report when I was about fourteen years old.
It's scary how that comment sits so well with every element of my life, not just cooking!
Everything from growing up, finding love, my career (still messy work in progress)...everything.
I remembered this comment this afternoon whilst making JAM!

hmmm, now where did I put that packet of jam making sugar?

It's been a dull old afternoon, and not alot has been accomplished. I reeeeeeally must do my tax return. I WILL do it on Saturday, you heard it here, now I have to do it.

The last layer of hay has been stripped off the field and the farmer is muck spreading today. I can't wait until it's ploughed, I love ploughed fields. Anyway, I leave you with yesterday's hazy Autumn sunshine and haystacks.


lynne said...

so charming! and your jam looks delicious!

natural attrill said...

Bet that jam tastes yummy!

melissa said...

That jam looks sooo good. I wish I could have some. Have you ever tried to make freezer jam? It's equally yummy!

tlc illustration said...

*Is* there any non-messy way to make jam? Not if you're me, I guess. (I so relate to your teacher's statement! I'm all about 'mess now!' 'Clean up after!')

Joanna said...

I think I should of had that in my school report too, had a jam making experience which looked the same. Your jam looks great