Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An afternoon out!

After a poo-pants day yesterday and this morning, I took myself off to Market Harborough for some coffee, cake and much needed bustle.
I wont rant on about Kettering, but it is quite possibly the pit of the earth. I don't think I'm ever going to go there again. (I don't mean to offend anyone who happens to love Kettering, but you gotta admit, it's gone downhill!) Harboro's only an extra 10 minutes drive and is lovely!
The slice of heaven that you can see below you is, wait for it, Toffee crunch cheesecake.
I treated myself, (and of course I have the excuse of nursury bookshelves to stock!), to a few picture books from Waterstones. I also bought two lovely roomy, bump accomadating jumpers for £20 the pair. One in raspberry, the other in plum, (as modelled in photo below).
I just love Harboro. It just feels more academic/coffee shoppy/boutiquey, as apose to Kettering's chavvy/sports shop/supersaver pound shop/scuz-bucket atmosphere. (oops, I wasn't going to rant).
I also bought the Autumny issue of "Country Living" magazine, and will spend the rest of the evening plonked firmly on the sofa, fire roaring, reading and dreaming of moving to my Perigordine farmhouse.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Erica

Thanks for that. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what, if anything, is left after your foraging!!!!

Love your Kettering comments. I knew it reasonably well in the 60s but it sounds as if it's gone the way of Northampton! (Woops, I didn't say that, did I?!!)

Sue x

tlc illustration said...

You are so cute pregnant. :-)

Your fire looks totally cozy and perfect to read an autumnal magazine by. The American version just came in the mail yesterday. Am looking forward to it!

natural attrill said...

Lovely photo of you! I wonder what you're going to do when baby arrives, will you take some time off work, give up altogether, or what? (just being my usual nosey self, you dont have to answer)

lynne said...

You are such a cute little pregnant person!! and I am very jealous of that fireplace. Sigh, what a nice moment!

Joanna said...

Jumper looks great and you look great with your bump. I had a night in front of the fire with magazines last night it was wonderful.

melissa said...

You live in a dream location! I wish I could visit such a lovely little market town! And I love your fireplace. (I can't believe you're building a fire already; it was almost 80 degrees here today. In celcius that would mean quite hot!)

Pea said...

Hi Erica,
Love the photo of you and your new jumper. Your fireplace looks like it could be in Country Living!

heddy said...

Hi Erica,
My first visit and I too, love the fire in the fireplace....and you have a style all your own. and enough energy...YOU get things done!! what was your old teacher thinking? There!

Erica-Jane said...

Hi Heddy,

nice to meet you!


I can't seem to access your blog...
Are you a secret agent?
hee hee!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my fire/bump etc :0)

sa said...