Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have pulled a muscle, somewhere inside my chest area.
I can't all...well, a little, but it hurts soooo much.
It hurts when I breath....cry :0(

Anyways, here's a little cutie-pie to cheer things up!
She's called Myrtle, and is from Donegal.
Her Aunty Minnie brought her a beautiful vintage hankerchief back from France (from Madam Grotte's), and she has made herself this cute little outfit, complete with vintage button.
Ever since, she had been calling herself 'Marie', and speaking in a French sweet!

She'll be in the shop at some point.

Bye for now! Ouuuuch!



Holly Woods said...

Oh Angel,
Do take care!
Darling little Dublin girl!!
I wonder if a lovely cup of tea (or stronger) would help, served by Mr. arty pants?

natural attrill said...

She is really sweet!

this is my patch said...

Hi Erica-Jane, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog, I promise to have a good look through yours very soon, your 'mice' do look very 'nice' I must say. It is just so horrible to pull a muscle, I always curse if it happens to me, hope you are felling better today. About that spider in my holly bush, I was a bit worried about that too, I am not quite arachnaphobic but not too far off! Will look in soon, I have added you to my list of friends. Louise

paula said...

Marie is adorable!
Hope you're feeling better now, nasty pulled muscles.

melissa said...

How adorable is that little one. It's so cute it kills me!

tlc illustration said...

Very sweet. So sorry about the muscle! I just got back from taking my daughter to the sports Dr. who wants to do a bone scan to see if it's really a stress fracture in her spine rather than just s strained muscle! Erck!

english rose said...

she is so lovely :) i just found your blog via etsy! you make such pretty things x

sa said...