Sunday, October 21, 2007

Autumnal girls

I've opened my ETSY shop!
I still need to figure out all the details and design a banner, but these three pretties are up for sale!

Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Blossom)
Clementine and Arianne De Abricot

If you want to have a peek, my shop address is

I must dash, as I have a very, very important parcel to pack up for posting tomorrow morning...

I hope today is as lovely and sunny and autumnal for you, as it is here.


Holly Woods said...

Good afternoon fabby-pants!
These ladies are tres,tres chic!
Adorable beyond description.
I am so,so happy about the thing we have planned!
Holly x

natural attrill said...

Looking good Erica, I hope your etsy store goes well for you.

Lena said...

Here it is a lot of fee lings!Привет из Moscow!

Jen said...

Gorgeous! Stay warm over there as the weather cools.

falafel said...

helo i like thes mise verry much but thay dont seam to hav tails dus that meen thay ar acchewally hammsters. hope so.

Flaf xxxxx

Ravenhill said...

These are just simply cutie-pie adorable!