Friday, November 9, 2007

Pink Shed Publishing

Well, here's what I've been up to!
I've actually made a start at Pink Shed, and will be starting business (small scale) this weekend on ETSY.
I've just got these four Christmas card designs so far, which will be available in packs of four and mini packs of three.
There will be a few other little bits and bobs on there too....

It's gone one thirty in the morning! I'd better get to bed! I've got a mega deadline for tomorrow and have to be up


I hope everyone's week is going well :0)




tlc illustration said...

Those are darling! (You are getting an amazing amount of things done all things considered!)

Best wishes on great sales!

this is my patch said...

Hi Erica-Jane, thanks for your visit, I wish I had your talent for illustrating, or even drawing a straight line come to that, I am so 'no good' at art, that at school I had to get my brother to do my art home-work for me, the teacher must have realised but never said anything, which looking back I think was rather odd. Louise x

Holly Woods said...

hello to you.
Darling cards!!!
The weather is finally cooling off!
More later!
Love, h

Rima said...

Hello Erica .. thanks for your compliments ... that lovely place in the photo is Oban right up on the west coast of scotland. Congrats on your enterprise .. hope you do stormingly ... and wishing you happy buoyant days with the bump :)
Rima x

natural attrill said...

I love the way the rabbit is in the same position as the girl.
Good luck with your Etsy shop!

melissa said...

Hats of Erica-Jane! Your cards are adorable! Nice work!

splinta said...

hello you!! am admiring your lovely lacey ladies. they look gorgeous and are particularly photographic!! . hope to see you soon. jacinta x

mermaid_misk said...

These are just fabulous! xx

Penguin & Fish said...

So cute! Good luck with your etsy store.

sa said...