Friday, November 30, 2007

Scallop thumb

No, not the infamous condition that plagued 18th century fishwives across Cornwall, but a scalloping blister...
Can you see it? It hurts so much, I think it should be redder :0(
There is a very cool reason for my complaint, however.
I have just edged 100 pinky dinky postcards with my scalloping scissors, all packed up now and to be shipped to...New York! The amazing Smitherman & Barnwell are using them as 'thank-you' note cards in their boutique..
You can check out their wonderful collection at or they now have a fabulous etsy shop too,

I'm in the throws of colour artwork now, for what will be my last bok before baby comes.
Then it's a new year, new beginnings and a new way of life.
It's all very exciting, yet terrifying at the same time!

Have a groovy Friday!


melissa said...

Wow those cards are amazing! Good work! They are definitely well worth the scissor-induced blister!

natural attrill said...

It's great that you've got a really big order!

PG said...

Erica my sweet, check out jumbo punches (for next time)you can get quite large ones which would do the job for you, I really recommend having a few hours online googling as there are various options to hadn cutting with shears (I only found this out after my recent pain with my own tags), if you are going to be doing future orders then it would be worth investing a tenner or so in one...and then your tags will still look gorgeous, and you will not have a red thumb. :)

tlc illustration said...

What a good choice for a posh NYC store to use. Your cards fit in beautifully.

Sorry about your thumb - hope you get a break soon! (It's not long now, is it?)

this is my patch said...

What a lot of hard work, very labour intensive, but great to get such an order and from New York too. I hope this accreditation makes the blister more bearable. Lots of luck with your new beginnings in the New Year, I hope you have time to put on a few posts in between changing baby's nappy! x

Joanna said...

Hope your sore thumb is feeling better. Excellent news about teh order. Hope eveything is going well with the book.

Chris.P said...

They look great Erica.

BTW Your picture on the Illustration Station forum proves the theory that a pregnant woman can really look blooming.