Saturday, February 9, 2008

Still Waiting

Well, the due date has been and gone...I am still big bellied and frustrated.
So, I spent this evening sorting out my "attic". It was lovely to finally unpack boxes of long lost treasures, and arrange them all, ready for the inspiration to hit me.

In other news!
I was awarded a "you make my day" award by Lynne and Melissa over at Sugar City Journal, and Miss Paula! Links to both blogs you will find in the list to your right. (I did know how to do 'hot links', but have forgotten again....duh!)
So, I will now list the five blogs that make my day!

in no particulaer order....drum roll please...

Lynne and Melissa (Sugar City Journal)
the stuff these girls make and do is soooo drool worthy!

A fellow children's book illustrator who's blog gives me the giggles!

Gretel - aka Middle of Nowhere
Great read, loads of fabulous links, gorgeous artwork, and a sneaky peek at her life in rural Oxfordshire. (lucky cow, I wish I lived in Oxfordshire!!!)

Vanessa (A fanciful Twist)
A blog I've read for a long time, but only plucked up the courage to contact the lady herself last week! Magical story teller, picture painter, treasure horder and general all round inspiration! Plus I think two of our mice may be getting serious...

Rima (Into the Hermitage)
Just go look! Just go, go go go look!

So there, all are listed on the list of links to your right......>

I had to take down my last post, incase I got into trouble for putting pictures of unpublished books up. In the process, I lost all my lovely comments and am so sad about it. I love it when people take the time to post a little message. Sometimes my husband will be on the laptop, and he'll look at my blog and say..."you've got 7 comments"! This is usually followed by much whooping and excitment, and me going, "who they from? who they from!!?"

I feel very sad and pathetic for admitting that. Feel free to dissown me!

Right, keep sending baby vibes my way....I just want this over with now!

Night, night



Emm@ said...

Oh no! You're still here! I expected you to be be knee-deep in nappies by now!

Hang on in there. Won't be long and your lil 'un will be here.

"Attic" looks fab, though. All those little drawers and nick-nacks. So cozy.

Post us up a picture when she's here!

michelle said...

There is nothing worse than having the day pass and still nothing happens! Hope this is your weekend! And I love counting comments too, makes me feel a bit pathetic but it is true!

paula said...

Maybe she's waiting till valentines day!? yay!!! x

paula said...

oh, and glad I make your day too! :o) haha! x

PG said...

Lovely lovely workspace! Very pink...

I saw the books, before their vanishing and they were lovely

Thanks for the nomination

Curry, sex, walking- in no particular order. Good luck!

Jess said...

Hi Emma, What a lovely cosy space you have in your attic. I hope you show us your little one in photos or drawings soon! Jess x

melissa said...

Erica: I'm wondering if baby has come yet. I wish you the best and can't wait to see photos. P.S. I love your pretty little arrangement with the twinkling lights!

Joanna said...

I think my post might or might not of been lost in ceber space, unsure. It said something like what a wonderful industrious, warm cosy attic you have your mice must be very happy there. Good luck with the baby. Looking forward to posts about her.

Christiane said...

Come on, Baby! :O)

Catherine said...

Hello, the attic is looking very home-y :)
I hope all is going well (and you're not still twiddling your thumbs!)