Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Batten down the Hatches!!

I'm locking the doors...
I may even light the fire!
It has been raining here for weeks...and weeks...and weeks...
Now, please don't misunderstand, I am a fan of rain...up to a point!
Everything is so much more difficult in the really is.
Trying to get a heavy car seat, with a heavy baby in it, out of the back seat of a three door car, whilst trying to keep her dry and an A1 sized package, containing precious artwork from falling in a puddle....
Then trying to assemble a buggy, which always fits together perfectly when the sun is shining, but will not GO TOGETHER IN THE RAIN! Aaaagh!
So, as I have only drawing and making to do for the next few days, there is absolutely no need for me to leave the I'm not going to!

I've got so, so many brilliant projects on at the moment. The first of the colour artwork has been posted to London for my 'Doll's House' project, and the first roughs for my black and white drawings have been given the go ahead :0)
I'm also doing some character development for a really sweet, but funny picture book.

In sewing news - I'm getting on very well (ish) with my Ottoline dollies and will be stocking the shop with lots of goodies very soon. I will be celebrating the re-stock with a MASSIVE sale, I mean C-R-A-Z-Y prices! So watch this space for the poster ;0)
I've got some snoozie Soozies to finish, with a custom order going to London!

And last but not least, Miss Sienna-Rose has begun to mutter her first words...

and they are....


She is still amazingly contented and happy! Totally luck of the draw with babies as to what sort you get! I don't know how I would have coped with a crier, still, there's time yet.....eek!
We went for a girls day out to the Cotswolds on Saturday just gone, (in the rain), to visit a friend. Much cake, pizza and lemonade was scoffed!

So, I'm off to organize a few things in preperation for my lock in, I'll be back to show you my efforts in a few days!




Rosie said...

So sick of this awful summer, its cold like november here! In fact I wish it was then I wouldn't have to feel guilty about putting the heating on! Can't wait to see your lovely work. I'm sure the Ottoline dolls will be fantastic!
Great that Sienna is dinging!
Rosie x

tlc illustration said...

What a lovely sounding pile of projects! I'm so impressed that you are keeping up - good baby, or no! (she is more beautiful all the time).

Joanna said...

Have fun with your lock in, can't wait to see what your produce. I'm so very impressed too how you keep going, Sienna is such a pretty baby.

Catherine said...

I'm impressed too with how well you're handling everything!
Looking forward to seeing your new creations :)

Heather said...

So nice to meet you Erica Jane! Your blog is lovely, what beautiful sewing finds! And your little Sienna Rose is just gorgeous....ah, they get so big so fast! But arent they fun?? :)

Rima said...

Yes I sympathise! Isn't it teeth grittingly fed up making the endless rain. How lovely that you are happy and busy and that Sienna is getting chatty! Happy lock in xxx R

The Fairy Glade said...

I remember the baby seat well and the pram and the suitcase needed to take her out. No more gucci clutch bag(not that I own one, but you get the picture!)Instead I had a bag the size of Cuba containing nappies, breast pads, an outfit in case she was sick, another one in case she wet the sick one, bibs, lotions and potions and another outfit just in case...happy days! She is 9 now and has her own bag thank goodness and I have still not got a Gucci clutch! Dev X