Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ottoline Dolly Give-away!


Well, as promised, here is a selection of some of the things I have finished for the shop.
There will be four dollies, prints, post cards and some other curiosities....
To celebrate, I'm giving one of my dollies away, one of the Ottoline's you can see in the picture above :0)
All you need to do to enter the draw, is leave a comment telling me what your favourite fairy tale, poem, book or song is, and why! I'll put all the names in a hat and first one out wins a dolly! This competition is open to anyone and everyone, so give it a go!

Good luck!




Sweet Pea said...

What a lovely giveaway - your dolls are adorable.

Hmm, favourite fairy tale - hard to pick, I love so many. I have to say Little Red Riding Hood. Such a creepy story, but it lends itself to amazing illustrations and I never tire of looking at images of Little Red :)

Catherine said...

Ooooh they're fab - I especially like the ones with the curl of hair coming round the front.

Ummmm favourite...
favourite song at the moment is See You On The Moon by The Great Lake Swimmers...just because its fun :)

The Fairy Glade said...

Hello Erica, what a lovely giveaway. I suppose one of my favourites has to be Rapunzel. I always wanted that long blonde hair, mine being dull and brown and always in a mess. Mind you, imagine washing it and combing it out afterwards, I would need to buy gallons of conditioner..perhaps not such a good idea after all! Raining again here as I type this, when will it end? Dev X

Erica-Jane said...

Hee hee!
they will all have curls coming around the front, not quite finished yet!
I'm loving the suggestions so far!


tlc illustration said...

I love the announcement. :-) You do such nice work. Can't wait to also see the prints, etc...

Joanna said...

You have been busy, love the things you make. A favourite, I'm going to ask captain Rupert for a little help.....he has wispered in my ears Alices adventures in wonderland. He would rather like to have a pocket watch like the white rabbit and I say I would not like him reminding me how late I am all the time. Such an amazing book full of wonderful ideas and a rabbit!

oh amy said...

Is the Wizard of Oz considered a fairy tale? I love it. She goes away to a far off land and decides home is the best place to be. What more could you want?
I just found your blog today. Yahoo.

Rosie said...

So delightful! You are very clever!
Rosie x

a pink-bee said...

What lovely little dolls :) Would love to tuck one into our home :).

Snow White ~ a sweet little cottage in the woods making a lovely home for the dwarfs to come home to each evening :).

Have a happy day :)

natural attrill said...

What great dolls!

Ciamananita said...

Hi Erica,
you are sooo talented, and I would just love to win the giveaway.

Fingers crossed.


Amanda said...

What sweet dollies! I'm always up for a contest. Especially one involving hats. Fav fairy tale would have to be Snow White and Rose Red. Fav book: Watership Down. As for poems and songs...there are no clearcut winners.

Tressa & Mark said...

Love the Ottoline Dolly! Thank you for hosting a Give-away!

Our current fave book would have to be Sunny Day.

Why? My son has been struggling with reading. He enjoys having these titles read to him: On the Farm, In the Castle and On the Seashore. We'll sit with this stack of books next to us and not get up until I've read all of them, at least twice. When Sunny Day arrived in the mail, he sat down and read it from cover to cover, with just a bit of hesitation. The smile on his face and his air of confidence was heart warming. I asked him why he liked Sunny Day, "Because Mom, I look at the pictures and I think I'm in the book!"

Du Buh Du Designs said...

These are awesome!!I would love to have one for my collection:)
My favorite fairy tale stories/films growing up were Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. As an adult I would have to say that nothing takes me back to that feeling of a fairy tale like watching Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast film from 1946. I also like the Unfortunate Events series books:)

Ciara said...

Oh... these are adorable! I love them!

I've always had a thing for the Frog Prince. Not too sure why though there's plenty to analyse there, hee! But I also adore the original Cinderella. You know the one where she goes to three balls, with three different dresses etc? Much more fun!

mer said...

I LOVE your dollies. My favorite fairy tale is Princess and the Pea because I've always wanted to sleep on a bed with mattresses piled high. Love your work!

Doda said...

Cool Dollies - sorry I missed the giveaway!