Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Rods, Pink sheds and a cosy night in bed


Just look at these cute cars! I'd love a hotrod, but I'm not sure how I'd fit a baby seat in the back, or where I'd put my shopping...
Sunday morning was spent in a muddy field, in the rain looking at 50's cadillacs and all sorts of hot rods. I then spent the afternoon working on a piece for Mother & Baby magazine.

I spent yesterday In London, where I had a meeting with the girls about my doll's house project, (some sneaky peeky sketches below). We then all piled in a black cab and went to a veeeery swanky department store called Heal's. We had a look at the furniture and housey things to get some inspiration for the doll's house, and then had a gorgeous lunch in the restaurant.
After the girls had gone back to the office, I wandered (curtesy of Emily's amazing hand drawn map, including such important landmarks as Topshop), up to Oxford Street before getting the train home. It was a long day, as I was woken up at 4.30 am by a certain ginger trouble maker, banging on the kitchen door with his paw. I didn't get back to the cottage until gone six pm, and all the train/tube/excitment/hustle and bustle really tires me out!! I LOVE it though, and wish I could go more often. I'm not doing too badly though, as this is my third trip to London since having Sienna. I had such an amazing day and am sooo thankful I get to do such fun things with my job!

This morning I had an appointment at the dentist, where I was drilled, prodded and pulled about! It was fine really ;0)
So by the time I carried Sienna down the shed for an afternoon's painting, I was too tired to do anything! (she was woken up at 6am this morning by some noise from next door, which woke mummy up too!!). So I carried her back up the house, put her in her moses basket and prayed she would fall asleep so I could get some shut eye! Fat chance!

I can't quite believe how big she is, especially when you see a little new born :0) I don't think Sienna-Rose was ever 'small' though!!
So, on finishing this post, I am changing into my jimjams, and curling up in bed with my sketchbook, filofax and a book. I am fully kitted out with pretty post-it notes, glitter gel pens and sparkly heart stickers, so as I can decorate the pages of my filofax as I plan my work schedule...does anyone else have a serious stationery fetish???!!!

So I'll close now, and turn in for the night.
Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesdays, whatever your doing!



Anonymous said...

Hi Erica, Oh yes I too have the fetish! I love your photo of them too, that's how bad I have it. When Sienna's older you have even MORE of an excuse to go to the stationery section. That's what I do with Carenza and she loves it as much as me. We spend ages choosing - I love it!
BTW, Sienna in that hat!! Beyond edible!x

Rima said...

Hello Erica :) Gosh you've been busy!
That second to last pic of the littl'un looks very like you :)
Glad you're happily doing your things ... wishing you sunshine and inspiration x Rima

tlc illustration said...

I totally have a stationary fetish - find me anywhere near an office supply store and I need to lock up my wallet! (papers, pens, pencils, post-its, pads, paperclips - you name it!)

Your London day sounded really fun.

this is my patch said...

Plenty of room for your shopping but I don't know about Sienna? Ooh where has she and the ginger troublemaker gone? How you make your living sounds hard work but interesting and very exciting at the same time. I have a fetish for notebooks, being too frightened to use them because they are so nice! x

melissa said...

Sienna is so, so pretty. She looks fantastic in red!