Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slotting into place!

Sometimes, when you're imagine wonderful invent magical stories in your mind.
And sometimes...there are so many little characters running about in your mind, it's hard to 'focus'. can't even go to sleep!
Everytime you're about to drop off, a little mouse will say, "Erica, Erica! what are we to do with all this thread...and all these buttons!??"
There are reels of ribbon in my house, stacks of vintage fabric, rolls and rolls of water colour paper....wool...lace...hankerchiefs...oh the list goes on!
Anyway, Mr Nick bought me the most wonderful gift - an ipod!
I plug it in, I sleep.
So, does anyone have any good songs they can reccomend to me? I have downloaded loads of artists like -

imogen heap
alexi murdoch
mazzy star
shout out louds

anyone got any other suggestions???
I'd love to know what you folks listen to...

Also, my lovely friend Jacinta bought me this

Ah! another time...this film...pressed so many buttons! I cried all the way through, like a loon!
Have anyone of you seen it?

Night night all,



natural attrill said...

I often lie in bed at night with ideas and patterns and colour combinations, new characters etc buzzing around my head.
I enjoyed that film as well.

Rosie said...

Ohh Erica, you need podcasts duck, lots of crafty podcasts, can't do without my ipod. some of the best ones are Cast-on by Brenda Dayne, and Craftypod by Sister Diane. Not just about crafts but all sorts of things and the music they play from Podcast Music is great.
Ps, if you have a video ipod it's nice to watch fiims in bed.
Rosie x

Jess said...

Yes it's a beautiful film, I wish there was another! Methinks me needs an ipod!x

tlc illustration said...

I find that I listen to movie soundtracks a lot (our modern version of classical music?). They give my brain something soothing to do.

I loved Miss Potter (although the cover issued in America looks completely different than that one). I wanted to *be* her on so many levels... I admire her a lot.

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Erica, I am a bit concerned that I do not recognise any of the music that you have downloaded onto your iPod! What has happened to me do you think? I have many different tastes in music from Enya to AC/ isn't that scary! Oh, and I have just discovered Linkin Park and Muse's version of Feelin Good is that is even scarier!
Dev X

True Bloom said...

Zero 7, especially their Simple Things album always chills me out!x

Du Buh Du Designs said...

I love Mazzy Star! Well, music is so personal it's hard to recommend music, but when I'm working I love listening to Pink Martini, Thievery Corporation,etc. or world music.
I didn't recognize the other bands except the Eels...time to do some musical catch up!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! You have such a cute blog! I love its! well, I dont idea about this film??? Its new movie? I love Beatrix Potter! visit me anytime...

CherryTreeLane said...

I have been wanting to watch this it as good as I hopped it would be? I think that Im going to get it this week!

Ciara said...

Hi, just found you and love what I see!
I have wildly differing taste in music depending on what I want it for. For what it's worth, my all-time favourites are Sigur Ros, Amiina, Midlake, Espers, Philip Glass, Joanna Newsom, Antony and The Johnsons to name a few. All very different. I find myspace and youtube are a great way to check out music before buying it.
Good luck! Oh, and I LOVED that movie...sniff...

Linnea said...

I love Gregory and the Hawk and Mazzy Star. An ipod is on my list of wants. I will have to put in a request at the library for your film.

this is my patch said...

My other half loves his ipod. No suggestions on soothing music I am afraid, the type of music I listen to would keep you awake! I haven't seen Miss Potter yet, but I will get to see it one of these days. x

Lisa M Griffin said...

I love Beatrix Potter and didn't even realize that a film had been made about her... will have to find this and gobble it right up with a big bowl of popcorn and snowcaps. Thanks for sharing.