Thursday, June 12, 2008

The witch's house

Nick and I have a-l-w-a-y-s had a dream. To move to Perigord Vert in south west France, buy a tumble down house and live the life we've always wanted. The above house, although in the Perigord Noir, is exactly the kind of place we'd love :0) It's for sale at 82'000 euros, 65'000 pounds or about 126'000 us dollars.
Every night, I imagine myself waking up the next morning with the warm sunshine pouring in through the window. I would get up, feed the chickens and geese, make sure Frances and Porky (my pigs) had enough water in thier wallow and tend to my veggie patch. I would collect a few eggs for breakfast and Mr Nick would make us a feast while I got Sienna ready for school. All three of us would pile into our beat up old car and drive down to Brantome. We'd park in the square and walk over the bridge where we would drop munchkin off for her busy day a l'ecole. Then, Mr Nick and me would go to the little cafe in the market square where we would have coffee and chat about our plans for the day. On returning to our tumble down cottage, I would settle down in my converted barn and paint princesses and hedgehogs, and write strange and mysterious stories. Perhaps after a lunch of homegrown tomato and basil salad, mopping up the vinagrette with some yummy bread, Mr Nick and I would take a walk in the nearby woods, where we would gather blackberries to make jams and pies. I'd get back to work in the afternoon, and mr Nick would collect Sienna (and various little friends no doubt), and dinner would be served late in the evening in the garden, under the tree bedecked with jam jar lanterns. When all the little people where either returned home or tucked up in bed, Mr Nick and I would enjoy some wine in the warm evening air. I saw the milky way for the first time in my life whilst in Perigord. I never knew you could actually see it for real. This September, i'm going to show it to Sienna, as we are going back to the same gite as we have done for the past three years, the very gite where we found out last June that we were to become three. I can't wait. It is simply my favourite place on always feels like I'm going home. It is a place covered in thick, dense forest, the kind of forests that you read about in fairy tales when you were a little girl. The kind of forests that you might, just might come across a witch's house...


Rima said...

Ahh... GO FOR IT Erica!
I love these kind of dreams :)
And of course, you can just follow them and they'll happen!
What an idyllic imagining...
What a lovely family you are :)
xx Rima

PS - haha about the farting spiders!

Rosie said...

Oh that sounds wonderful, just do it!

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Can I come?!

natural attrill said...

Yep, I agree, GO FOR IT !! you've only got one life, have an adventure.