Thursday, April 15, 2010

These oxfords were built for walking....or not.

I must just share my funny day. On the way back from dropping Munch off at Grandma's , my car exploded. Luckily, Dave the farmer was passing along the same country road. As his landrover was full of other farmers, he couldn't offer me a lift. I gave him my shopping, (I'd popped to the shops), and he kindly dropped it back to my house later on. I had decided, today, to channel the 1940's fashion wise. Ditsy print blouse, puffy sleeved green cardy, A-line skirt and oxford shoes laced up with ribbon, black wooly tights. I walked the half mile back to the village, sending passing drivers into a confused state. Why is there a woman from the 40's walking along this I in a time warp? Am I seeing a ghost? I like being the 'arty' one from the village. I get to wear what I like! Ha! xxx

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