Monday, April 19, 2010

Turning many corners

What do you you do when faced with not just a cross roads, but a multi level spagetti junction? Whilst lighting the fire tonight with some wood and twigs kindly donated by my lovely neighbour, I felt happy, really happy. The smell of the wood, and the sound of the fire catching and cracking sent me into a complete daze.

Living ones life is probably something that's on all of our minds. Life is so short, we all know that. So, whilst listening to the fire and my music, (quietly so as not to disturb 'the other neighbours while their dogs bark'), I wonder what to do. Neither Nick nor I want to be poor again, we've done that. It was awful, and to think it's romantic and love will conquer all is just a pile of rubbish. Only an idiot would believe that. I think you have to go through the threat of losing your house, your belongings, everything just because you can't pay your bills to realise that life chained to a mortgage and relying on loved ones to help out is just the lowest point ever.

So, what to do? What I'm basically yacking on about is the move to France. We wouldn't have a mortgage, but we would be significantly worse off money wise. Sienna is a concern. Actually, I don't even know why I'm saying that! Here, where she can't play in the back yard, or a huge expanse of land for her to build a tree house, a swing, see lizards, buzzards, deer...outstanding schooling.

So, going back to the spagetti junction analogy. I've got alot to give, creatively. I have many ideas about earning money to support my children's book illustration. That will always be my number one, number one, number one passion. It's just in me...but a few more strings to my bow wouldn't go amiss.

So, I'm back down the shed tomorrow. A repaint, a space just for me...again :0)

Lotsa of love,



Flávia Leitão said...

Hello, Erica
I send a big hug from here full of strength!
Things are difficult, and maintain the profession of illustrator is complicated!
But we have to use the crisis to be creative!
All the best!

Erica-Jane said...

Thank-you Flavia, you are a gem :0)

Jessie said...

France sounds to me like it's calling you :o) On y va!xx

GenovevaPer32669 said...

Well done!........................................